Why Choose Us

The Risen Developments tried and proven process is why you would choose us...

The secret behind every successful business and every successful project is simple.

It is a proven and rigorous process.

Get the process right and the results will follow.

At Risen Developments our process drives what we do.  It ensures that we deliver and it keeps our clients up-to-date and informed.  It ensures that expectations are set and fulfilled.

It ensures a successful project.

Our Process

1.    First contact
Complete the contact form on this site which will give us sufficient information to speak in an informed way to you about your needs and how we can help.

2.    Preliminary plans and pricing agreement
Designed to get you going and forming part of the overall pricing when you decide to proceed.

3.    Plans and pricing
Once you have decided to progress we will attend to the plans and meet with council to ensure that the project is approved and construction can proceed in a timely manner.  After this we agree a fixed price for the project.

4.    Starting off

We will start the project at the earliest possible date following council approval.

5.    The construction phase
Risen Developments takes control of your site and work commences.

During this period

  • Trades will be on-site
  • The site will be closed off and the various phases of the build will take place.
  • Because of OH & S requirements you will not have unfettered access to the site – please contact us to arrange access visits.  You will also need to be inducted onto the site.
  • We do encourage you to have regular, arranged site visits and inspections to view progress and raise any issues.
  • We will hold regular progress meetings with you.
6.    Completion
Unlike many other builders we don’t just take your final payment and throw you the keys.

We go through everything with you and provide you with the Risen Developments Completion Pack which contains all manuals and operating instructions to the inclusions and systems fitted to the building(s) as well as keys and warranties and guarantees.

We will also physically assist you in understanding how everything operates.

7.    Running in
We will be back to see you 90 days after you have taken up occupancy.

While we do everything in our power to ensure that all is 100% occasionally small defects can happen.  We encourage you to complete the defects form in your completion pack prior to this visit so we can ensure that any defects are remedied at this visit or as soon as possible.

As part of our service we will also schedule a visit for 12 months after completion, just to make sure that everything is exactly as you want it.  

At Risen Developments we take care of all the details.

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Gold Coast: 0404 736 688
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PO Box 1248
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About us

Gold Coast Builders, Risen believe size does matter, but not where you think. We are NOT a volume building company  but we are BIG in the sense of maturity and have maintained our ability to give personal attention to detail and to our clients.
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