Interior Design and Planning

Whether you are building a new home, second storey addition or renovating your existing house, interior design can make practical, functional and aesthetics come together for a seamless construct.

Custom building needs custom design, and design begins at conception.  Design encapsulates and anticipates decoration of the final product.  So we are here to help you design your build laying out functional floor plans that consider lighting and where the switching is, electrical layout, kitchen design, bathroom, design incorporating selections, such as tiles and appliances through to the finishing touches such as window dressings, colour schemes and soft furnishing including furniture and floor treatments.

We are talking about great interior designs and finishes that bring a great build to fruition.

Great interior design and finish are the icing on the cake- something that makes tells you are home and it's about you and your space.  The wow factor is created by you and does not need not be expensive but they need to be right for your project.

Great interior design doesn’t just happen.  At Risen Developments we can assist you achieve your goals.

Getting started is easy call the design team on 0404 736 688 or contacting us online.


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Gold Coast Builders, Risen believe size does matter, but not where you think. We are NOT a volume building company  but we are BIG in the sense of maturity and have maintained our ability to give personal attention to detail and to our clients.
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